Landscape park

The park in Madlitz, with its large oak trees and mighty chestnuts, is the oldest English landscape park in Brandenburg.

The Madlitz Landscape Park

In the middle of Alt Madlitz is the oldest landscape park in Brandenburg. The creator of this historic green space was Friedrich Ludwig Karl Finck von Finckenstein who deviated from the French Baroque gardens that were common at the time to realize his dream of an English-style park. His love for the park extended so far that he had his heart buried there, surrounded by thirteen field stones representing the number of his children. Today’s `Heart Mountain` is located aside one of the two lakes, amidst rolling hills and winding paths. 

At the time of the German reunification, the park was completely overgrown and partially destroyed. Through the initiative of Cornelie Bösel, it has been restored as much as possible and is freely accessible. As with everywhere on the farm, the park suffers from climate change, storms and drought, which every year tear down a few of the trees. Our team takes care of the park and the preservation of these historic trees all year round, to keep the park and its history alive.

Mareike Borchert

Park keeper
Mareike was born and raised in Madlitz and knows every corner of the village and farm. Together with Nico, Mareike is responsible for our green spaces, our landscape park and the care of our horticulture. You can often see her whizzing through Madlitz on her riding lawnmower, leaving behind beautiful freshly trimmed greenery.

"Now I enter the garden's green corridors!
How fresh and lovely there the deep grounds!
The loneliness is pleasant and gentle,
Like choral singing, the brewing throng rushes here."


We conduct on-farm research with our Finck Foundation. We use Gut&Bösel's land to test and develop regenerative, multifunctional forms of land use. With the goal of finding solutions for food systems that are now threatened as never before by climate change, degraded soils, loss of biodiversity and species diversity, and the loss of the relationship between humans and nature and between urban and rural areas.


We manage 2000 hectares of forest, much of which are 40–60-year-old pine monocultures, on very poor sandy soils which are far from groundwater. Our goal: to create a multifunctional mixed forest that is climate resilient and diverse.

Tree nursery

Our Syntropic tree nursery is a hybrid between an agroforestry system and a sustainable tree nursery: an ecosystem on its own and at the same time the basis of our future agroforestry systems

Crop production

Alt Madlitz has a very long tradition of arable farming. Today we grow a wide variety of cereals in a six- to eight-part crop rotation, with undersown crops, catch crops and biodiversity strips. Always with soil as the focus!


Trees are the future! According to the principles of Syntropic agriculture, we have created six agroforestry systems on our farm. They increase soil fertility, help protect our fields against wind and water erosion, ensure cleaner groundwater, store carbon, moderate the microclimate and promote biodiversity.


Compost is life! And soil is the basis of all our work. That's why we have our own compost department, which takes care of all our microorganisms and nutrient cycles.

Holistic grazing

Cows for the climate! Cows for the climate! Our Salers and Angus herd grazes on our farmland, helping us to sustainably regenerate our soil and promote biodiversity.