Our work

From cows to compost – Gut&Bösel includes many people, projects and departments. Our main focus: healthy soil. Get an idea of the different areas we are working on here in Alt Madlitz, Germany.

What we work on

At Gut&Bösel, soil is the focus of our work. We are an organic farm working on 3000 hectares, one hour east of Berlin.

We believe that land use is key to solving many of the most pressing issues of our time – from climate change and biodiversity loss to hunger and equity.

That is why we’re working on a variety of multifunctional farming methods to build healthy and resilient ecosystems: From holistic pasture management, to composting, syntropic agroforestry and forest conversion. Also developing new software and technology in order to estimate and analyze the contribution, costs and effects of multifunctional agriculture. We have established the Finck Foundation to cooperate with universities and research institutes and collect data on economic, ecological, and social structures – such as biodiversity, carbon formation, soil temperature, water absorption and water storage capacity. Due to the extreme conditions we face here in Brandenburg, like our sandy soils and low precipitation, we are convinced: What works for us, can also work in other parts of Germany – and even other parts of the world. We hope to share our data and experience on multifunctional agriculture with other farmers in the future.